Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Situational Awareness - The 11th Company

Ok, so I admit it, I am way behind on some of my 40K Podcasts. I listen to so many, dropping one real big one lately due to some major douche-bag running the best co-hosts off of his sand hill. One of the up and comers, as far as 40K podcasts are concerned, that has really grabbed my attention is a Podcast out of South Carolina called the 11th Company.


In their recent episode 12 (recent to me anyway, I think this was taped like 5 weeks ago) they had a fantastic conversation about Situational Awareness in 40K. Dealing with not only knowing where you are and what is around you, but where your opponent is and what he/she can do as well.

I will not attempt to try to do a better job then they did, this segment is fantastic and I highly recommend heading over to the 11th Company and taking a listen for yourself.


  1. Let me try that again... heh

    Start by saying! Thanks for the shout out! Glad you liked the episode. Found the BLOG via DLT mentioning it. Would love to return to the favor on our community segment. I can't express how important it is to us (and me personally) that we all support each other in the 40k community.

    What I had originally said was that we are based out of South Carolina not Virginia, and that I wish we were in Virginia because we could probably find a lot more people to play with :) The way I typed it though, after re-reading it, sounded like I was criticizing, and that wasn't the intent... so I decided to try again! :P *sigh* And so goes the trouble with the written word!

    Anyways, thanks for the listening to the show and the praise. Feel free to contact us anytime, and if we can help out in any way, let us know that too!

  2. Neil:

    I stand corrected. I will be sure to edit the posting to reflect your proper location.

    I completely agree with you, I am just getting this thing off the ground and I am looking for all of the support i can get. I have to tell you that I have plans of trying to take the wife and kids down tot he South Carolina area for vacation this year and if I can, I'd love to hook up with your gaming group and throw down some dice.

    I love the show! I am admittedly a tactic whore and your show really fills that niche!