Monday, May 24, 2010

R.I.P. 40K Radio 2007 - 2010

Time of Death May 24th, 2010

Well, as I predicted about a week ago on this blog folks, 40K Radio is officially no more. Apparently the backlash of losing Scott and Chipley to an ego trip, coupled with the return of Jar Jar the Racist Hobo, and some rather disgusting personal attacks on Spencer and his family (too low guys, seriously, attacking someone's miscarriage is just disgusting and you'll all burn for it), has been too much strain for the 40K podcast that started it all. Spencer Harding has officially posted what appears to be the final post on the 40K Radio website:

What a long crazy journey this has been! I want to thank each and everyone who listened to the show. You truly made it an enjoyable experience. Meeting you all at live events or on the chat or on the phone has been amazing. It is something I will never forget. In light of recent threats to myself and my family I have decided to close down the show. I did not start this to allow people a platform to attack my family. This is a show about little toy men….moving on little toy worlds. It was supposed to be fun. Personal attacks and threats take that fun away.

I will miss all of you.

Thanks for listening.

The show and all of its contents are for sale. If you are interested please send me an email.

So now a few questions of course will arise with the death of 40K Radio. For starters, and I think most importantly of all, what about the money??? With well over 1,200 Freebootaz chipping in $25 a year (that's $30,000 BTW!) will this money be returned to those who did not get what they paid for?

What about the sponsors who put in their money for air time, will they ever see a return on that investment?

Will the forum still stay up to those who paid into it or be moved to a more public forum?

Will someone buy the show from Spencer (at an inflated cost I am sure) and continue the show and its traditions? My guess, look for George Miller and Maldus to buy the show... just a guess.

Would Spencer sell the show to Scott, Chipley, and Phil?

Or is the show that started it all (with all due respects to Jeff over at Podhammer who is the real innovator) doomed to die a quick and painful death after some swift and ill conceived decision making? Coupled with an internet coward launching disgusting threats toward Spencer and his family?

I know I have been part of the vocal fans not too please with the direction of the show has been going lately. And the loss of Phil, the first straw for me, and now Scott and Chipley's one-show suspension that lead to their leaving the show, the last straw as it would appear, have shown that the show has been on a downward spiral toward this end for some time now. I have been critical of the show, yes, but out of a love for what it used to be. I personally criticized the show's content and decisions, but never crossed the line to dig into someone's personal life. I have criticized the show, but, as a fan, not a hater of Spencer, the staff, or the show. Only in the hope that my voice would be heard and changes be made to better the show.

I want you all to know I loved 40K Radio, and this announcement brings me no matter of joy. I am saddened today by the loss and I am happy that I was able to listen to the show from beginning to end (save for the episodes I had to pay to listen to!). All of the laughs, all of the tactics in their early shows, and all of the fun of 40K, made better with Spencer, and Phil, and later Scott and lastly Chipley. It is a shame it came to this, that people couldn't be grownups and deal with their issues. That some douche had to make attacks from behind a computer screen.

I will miss 40K Radio, I will mourn it. Lucky for me though, there are several other great 40K podcasts out there on the internet, Dice Like Thunder, 11th Company, Imperial Vox Cast, the Warbanner, and the Gamers Lounge. And I am sure in the wake of this demise, others will spring up from the ashes.

I hope this is not the last we will hear from old Eire Pa. Maybe one day, Spencer and Scott and Chipley and Phil will patch things up, hold a 40K Radio reunion, get back on the air and bring the show back to us. I hope for this. I really do. I hope that the guys can work things out and be friends again, regardless of the show.

So, when you roll dice the next time, close your eyes and remember the first time you heard 40K Radio. Remember how cool it was to find out that you were not alone in your geek-dom. That there were these guys out there on the internet who have a radio show and are just as geeky as you! That there were other guys and girls all around the world, like you, rolling dice, painting minis at obscene hours of the night, and playing with little toy soldiers, just like you. Guys out there that made it cool to play 40K. And remember 40K Radio... fondly.

So long guys... thanks for all of the tactics, all of the overviews and interviews, all of the stories from the battlefield and the laughs, the fun of being on your show, and for all of the memories. I will never look at this hobby without thinking about 40K Radio. What Phil, or Spencer, or Scott, or even Chipley had to say about this unit or that. Tactics learned, friends to be had, and memories to keep. And my hobby is a little bit emptier today without 40K Radio. I wish you could have worked it out... and I wish you a very fond fare well.

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