Friday, May 14, 2010

Scott and Chipley Leave 40K Radio!

So it has come down through the grapevine that after some sort of 'suspension' that Spencer was trying to hand out to the boys for not playing 40K in some time that they have decided to leave the show.

I have to say that it is my firm belief that 40K radio is now dead to me, and soon on its way out the podcast door. The two major reasons I loved 40K Radio was for my man Phil, and Scott. Spencer always seemed to have that, ‘Too cool for the room’ air about him, even when I was on their show on Episode 31. I was Necron Warrior back then. I have since left my 40K Freeboota persona behind as Phil’s departure pissed me off. Oh and that I learned that the boys over at 40K Radio have started to turn a profit that is not being re-circulated back to those who are dumb enough to join their forum.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure to meet Phil Johnson, he is a man among men! He really is. And Scoot was as well. I have not had the pleasure to meet Chipley but I am sure he is a good guy too. My point is, how is 40K Radio better without these men and better with Spencer at the wheel?

I made a few comments in the show notes of Episode 78 which must have hit home with Spencer as he deleted them all and closed the comments for public viewing. So, since I too have access to the 40K Public, I am going to reiterate what I said there to him that hit that cord:

“Spencer, I understand where you want 40K Radio to go and what you want 40K Radio to be. We all want that, we all want 40K Radio to be the best damn podcast out there. But how does this help that? Yes, I get what you are saying. That the boys not playing 40K in like six months is a big deal, but, is loosing the ‘professional’ relationships, let alone the friendships worth it? While I realize you are the host, and you make the big decisions, 40K Radio is not just you. 40K Radio is you and all your hard work, AND Phil, AND Scott, AND Chipley. What does it say about you if you get your podcast to the place where you want it to be by stepping on the necks of those who helped to get you there?”

This post must have pissed him off and he closed the comments down.

I loved 40K Radio, I really did. It helped me come into my own in the game; it was fun, tactical, and educational. I even drank the cool-aid and became a freeboota. And even after Phil left (who I can now just call if I want too) I still listened. But what has it become now? One giant commercial for this product or that fitted in where Spencer’s ego is not. He pushed Phil out, now his attitude has pushed Scott and Chipley out. Now we have the Spencer and Racist Hobo show. And I do not want to listen to that.

I am done with 40K Radio. R.I.P. Time of death, just after Scoot quit, and diagnosed terminal when Phil left.


  1. Just checked the 40k Site ... All the host info have been removed from

    And just to give people the full picture .. this is what is in place of the comments

    May 13th, 2010 at 2:43 pm
    "I have shut down the comments and deleted them. I am doing this in an attempt to let cooler heads prevail.
    If there is an offical announcement made about the staff here at the show it will be something that is written by all 3 hosts and will be a seperate post by itself.
    When that post is made. You comments suggestions and whatever else you may write will be welcome.
    But untill that time….please be patient."

  2. Yeah, I guess my head was not the coolest. Personally I think Spencer have gone too far and needs to take a step back and look at what he has done to the show.

  3. Just making sure your not pulling a fox news ...

  4. I posted on the comments section as well for Episode 78(as JJ) - Did you see Chipley posted a reply after Spencers "explaination"? Don't feel bad if you didn't - Spencer deleted it after about 45 minutes of life on the board.

    I didn't save the text, but Chipley basically said (directly to Spencer) that there was 2 sides to the story, and that 40k Radio listeners were smart enough to work out that a high turnover of co-hosts was no coincidence.

  5. You know Episode 77 was probably the best one they've had in 8 months (best of the 10 or so that is..."every other week" my ass) and what was different? NO Spencer! Gee maybe he's why the show's blown recently. I'd love to see Scott and Chipley start their own show up or maybe make some appearances on Phil's new show. Spencer pulled a power trip, took his toys and went home to cry because nobody wanted to play his game anymore so frankly I'm glad to see the show self destruct from here on out.

  6. @JJ - Yeah, I missed that one. I can only occasionally check during the work day as I do have a job to do and I must have missed that one. It does not surprise me at all. Instead of letting Chipley have his two cents worth, Spencer would rather let the 40K Nation think that the boyz are bad guys for leaving the show. I give the show a month before it implodes!

    @Jerseyboy381 - Before Spencer took down all of the backlash from his dismissals of Scott and Chipley, I suggested the same thing. A show with my man Phil, Scott and Chipley would be a much better show then the Spencer and Racist Hobo show! Lifetime ban my ass! More like, oh shit I ran out of people who would be heard in public with me, please do the show.