Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Early Bow Out of 'Ard Boyz... Round One.

Well, this did not go according to plan yesterday in round one of the 'Ard Boyz Tournament. I had loads of fun, met some good people, and some real ass-hats as well, and in the end I failed to place at 'Ard Boyz 2010.

So here is my overview of my first 'Ard Boyz Tournament!


My fist round match up was against Chaos Space Marines running a double Lash Deamon Price list. I smiled when I got first set up and distributed my forces on to the field of battle. Because, aside from the Princes, it was an all mech list with two Land Raiders and I eat those for breakfast. Heck, even when he stole the infinitive I was not concerned.

So first turn, for whatever reason, he lined up both of his Princes in-front of my hormagaunt wall. I believe his plan was to lash them in and take them out in one round of combat. Well, toxin sacs showed him differently! He fail to lash with one Prince and the second on only pulled the squad close enough for one prince assault. No big deal, he whiffed on four attacks and only managed to kill one hormagaunt! My turn... :) My boys managed to hit him with three wounds and it quickly became apparent that he had made a drastic mistake. By the end of my turn one, the first Deamon Prince was dead and the second was at WS & BS 1 (thanks to the Hive Tyrant) and had taken two wounds to Gargoyles. By his half of round two, both Princes were dead. Score... well sort of.

You see the guy I played was good, and a hell of a nice guy to boot and he powered on. I held three of the five objectives for most of the game and on turn three he unloaded every unit from every transport and tried to gun me down in a hail of bolter fire. It almost work! But in the end he picked the wrong targets, two squads of Chaos Space Marines fired at a Trygon and did nothing (only to be charged in my turn and get wiped out), The other squad decided to not fire at my second squad of hormagaunt so that the could charge them (20 attacks at I5??? Ok, sure I'll do that) and They died almost without get in one attack... I think the powerfist survived that first round.

In the end I was killing the guy and he knew it. On the last turn, Turn 4 called due to time (2500 is just too much!), he pulls a desperation move and tank shocks his land raider on to one of the objectives I held and a busted up rhino on to another, giving him a two to one advantage. He had managed to break up my synapse base on the left side of the board and grab two objectives. I had hopes of charging the one squad with a Trygon but his fleet roll was less then spectacular and my Zoanthropes managed to perils themselves to death before dropping 2 STR 5 AP3 templates on to a juicy squad out int the open hold the other.

In the end, my hive guard failed miserably in blowing up the rhino, even when charging it, one lost objective, and my Tervigon could not manage to hit the braod side of a Land Raider and I lost that one too.

He beat be 2-1, he scored 900+ Victory points to my 1700... Totally one-sided game, save for the loss I took. But I smiled. I really liked my opponent, It was a great Tactical game ( I learned the power a tank shocking rhino on the last turn) and I knew I was still in the running at that point. So good game!

Final Result: (0-1-0) 10 Battle Points and 1721 VP

More to come...

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