Wednesday, May 26, 2010

40K Tactics 101: The Daisy Chain

So, you’ve been playing the game for awhile now, managed to win a game here and there, but the good players in your area still beating you down on a regular basis. You are beginning to look for that little edge that will help propel you into the next level of 40K domination. That is what 40K Tactics 101 is all about! These generic tactics will help you step up your game and make you a better 40K Player. A training course designed for new to mid-ranged 40K players.

This week we are going to review the Daisy Chain. This tactic was taught to me by the Great Scott Steva, formally of 40K Radio! The Daisy Chain is a simple tactic used to grant a unit a valuable cover save, all the while holding on to one or even two objectives that are out in the open. Another good used of this tactics is to give a heavy weapon a few extra inches of range and a clear line of sight, all the while holding on to that important cover save.

So, the basis for this tactics is the rule in the 40K Rulebook for how a multi-model unit receives a cover save, say a 10 man tactical squad or a 30 boy Ork mob for example. In order for that unit to receive a cover save from in-coming fire, the rule states that 50% or more of that unit must be in cover. Now, add this to the rule for cover saves provided by area terrain, which states that as long as the unit at least 50% in the terrain, then they will receive a cover save, regardless of line of sight.

So lets say that you are attempting to grab an objective that is seemingly out in the open, with a decent sized piece of area terrain about 7 inches away. In order to hold that objective, all you need is one model from that unit to be within 3 inches. The rest of the models can duck into the safety of cover. So, place one model on or near the objective. Stay in coherency and place your next model within 2 inches of that one. Continue this process until you have reached that precious area terrain. Then, place the remaining models from that unit into the area terrain. If more then 50% of the unit is in that area terrain, then the guys all the way out in the open will receive a cover save!

Take this one step further shall we. In the example above, let’s say you have a big unit of about 24 Gaunts sitting in that terrain and holding that one objective, deviously giving that little gaunt out there a cover save. Now let us say that about 8 inches away from that piece of area terrain, in another direction, there is a second, objective. As long as over 50% of the unit is still in the area terrain, you can swing that chain out to capture that second objective, in the same manner in which you grabbed the first. In a recent game, I managed to hold down three objectives with one unit of 30 gaunts, all of which were provided a cover save by a single piece of area terrain.

Now, eventually, you will be shot at. You need to selectively remove your casualties to ensure that the 50% of the unit is still in cover. If you drop below 50% at any time, the unit immediately loses all cover saves. Fair Warning!

Another use for this tactics, which does not directly relate to objectives, is placing your heavy weapon guy way out there to get a better line of sight for his shot, but still get a full cover save.

Well, that’s it. A pretty simple tactic that I use in almost every game, as my opponents have figured out to place their objective out in the open! I hope this helps, and I look forward to next week’s article, Selective Casualties!

So I will toss up a video demonstrating this tactic tonight:

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