Monday, June 21, 2010

40K Radio to Rise From the Ashes!

So, in my standard catching up on all of the goings on in the 40K world after the long vacation, I came across the old 40K Radio website site. It has changed slightly, for those who haven't been paying attention, and it looks like the show will be staging a rise from the ashes after its rather sudden and instant death.

All that Spencer has posted on the site it the following:

"Interesting Things Ahead!
By Spencer · Comments (105)

Stay Tuned….."

Once you dig into the comments you'll find out that Romeo from Battle Foam, a fantastic product by the way, posts the following in the comments:

"Hello guys,

Romeo here from Battle Foam.

I noticed my name on here so I thought I would stop in and say hi. I can not comment on any inside information except to say that 40K Radio will be back!

It will be as exciting as ever and the new show format should make everyone very happy.

I would also like to say that Spencer has really put his heart and soul into the future of 40K Radio and will always be a part of it in some way.

I can also say that the new format will feature a great cast and amazing content. We hope to bring the community of pod casts and hosts back together in a new and exciting way.

Lastly the show will be a community friendly show promoting what we all love, 40k and the warhammer hobby.

I personally have a relationship with most hosts from various pod casts across the net. Because of that they will all be part of the new format in some fashion.

Please be patient with us during this transition period and look for the show to release its new episodes very shortly.

Long live 40K Radio, and long live wargaming pod casts!

Battle Foam
Protecting Your Army (Shameless plug, lol)"

So these revelations raise many questions. Question number 1: who will be on this new 40K Radio show? Chances are Scott and Chipley will not be associated with the show whatsoever, and I am sorry to say that unless they each get their own projects, we will no longer hear from the boys. A damn shame I might add! Spencer, however, I suspect while he may not be an "on-air" personality, will have plenty to do with this new 40K Radio show. Hell, there's still money in it! If I had to guess, and I did state this in my prior 40K Radio post, George Miller would be a good guess as to who would be on this new show. As to the rest of the cast, I can not say. My hope is that they would learn from prior mistake and keep Jar Jar a silent member of the cast.

Question Number 2: What Great Cast and Content? Even the host of the former 40K Radio had admitted that the content of their show had dropped sharply over the last dying months. This new show promises new and exciting content. We will see about that.

Question 3: "We hope to bring the community of pod casts and hosts back together in a new and exciting way." This one intrigues me the most. As some of you know, 40K Radio did not have the best reputation when it came to other 40K Based podcasts. One , the War Banner hosted by the former 40K Radio host and co-creator Phil Johnson, who left the show with no formal explanation I find it hard to believe would ever work with 40K Radio again. I am curious as to how the 40K Radio Nation will reach out its arms to a community that feels most of them are elitists, money grubbing assholes who do not deserve their respect.

We will see where this new 40K Radio goes and how it is. I will keep you all posted!

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