Monday, February 21, 2011

Project 2011: Space Wolves - My Current 1850 Point List

So for those of you who have been kind enough to check out my weekly YouTube Battle Reports ( you know that for the year of 2011 my army project with be Space wolves. Last year's project, the Tyranids, were fun and I had loads of fun playing them and painting them (I still need to finish that) but I found that they are on the lower to mid rung on the competitive scene, and I was tired of getting my butt kicked. I decided I wanted to learn one of those nasty armies I always read about online, and with a ton a Marines sitting around gathering dust in my basement, I decided to go with Space Wolves. I have been running the army for about a month and a half now and I am securing some firm believes about the army. First, here is my Current 1850 Point list and some of the tactics I am using:

Space Wolves - 1850 Points

1 Wolf Lord with Frost Blade, Storm Shield, Runic Armor, Saga of the Warrior Born on a Thunderwolf Mount - 255 Points

This dude is awesome! With the exception of one game where he took a force weapon to the face and instant died, he has always bought his points back and has pulled off some pretty scary stuff. He is the slaughter of hundreds of points worth of troops. He devastates hoards and tac squads alike, and with the unit that he rolls with, they are the a steamroller.

5 Grey Hunters with a Flamer and a Razorback transport with T-L Lascannons - 150 Points each (3 of these)

These guys server two obvious purposes, holding objectives and anti-tank. I was running these units with meltaguns, but in all of the games i have played with them, they never used them. They are too far away to really melta a tank so this felt like 15 points wasted. I gave them a flamers which is free!

10 Grey Hunters with Two meltaguns and a Powerfist in a Rhino - 215 Points

One of the very first thing I learned about this Codex is that Grey Hunters are no joke, one of the most solid Troop Choices in the game. The ability to have a CCW, Bolt Pistol, Boltgun, and ATSKNF with Counter Attack makes a 10 Man squad pretty tough and can Rapid Fire and still get the bonus attack for having charged if they do not wipe out their target. I was running duel flamers for awhile but the duel melta guns is just scarier. This is a good anvil unit and the powerfist can cause some real problems.

10 Grey Hunters with Two meltaguns in a Rhino - 190

Same as above, except this unit does not have the powerfist.

6 Long Fangs with 5 Missiles Launchers - 140 Points each (Three of these)

Point for point one of the best units in the game. They can pop transports pretty easily, bring down monstrous creatures from range, and split fire to increase the fun. Oh, the power of the cheap missile launchers!

4 Thunderwolf Calvary with 3 Storm Shields, 1 Powerfist, and 1 Melta Bomb - 320 Points

This unit eats everything it touches. Yes, I have lot one or two to rapid fire but overall, 320 points is not that much to pay for a unit that, with the lord, will steamroll ever unit it touches. They are the hammer of this list and a pretty good one too.

So that's it, that's the list.

In my next article I am going to show off my Space MArine Quads that I am using for Thunderwolf Calvary and show you how to make them!


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